Aussie Open: Preparation (January 2012)

Posted on: January 18, 2012 |
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Just a quick update from Melbourne after a great 2 days of training with the guys. All the British boys seems ‘on it’ and we have had a high intensity on the courts with everyone`s mind switching to Sunday when the Junior Aussie Open begins! These preparation days are so important from the food/drink intake , stretching, sleep and how they are mentally preparing and at the age of 17 these are invaluable lessons at the highest level of the game, a grand slam.

There has been a buzz today as the boys received their accreditation at Melbourne Park and we cheekily went to the grounds for 8am this morning and got onto the courts for 2 hours before we got kicked off! We were the only juniors to get that court time, as we are not supposed to be on the courts till Sunday! It certainly meant for a great environment with Rod Laver Arena shadowing over us…

As I write this the ‘big news’ in Australia has just caused another stir by winning through to the 4th round against Federer on Sunday – Bernie Tomic and I must say, he has won me over after a couple of years where I was unsure of the fuss! He is the real deal and I can’t but admire his ability to step it up on the big time – he seems to genuinely love the big stage and is taking the hopes of the nation on his shoulders as we have witnessed with Murray and Henman over the years. Pressure is a privilege is a comment we use a lot at the Academy and the mind set of enjoying big moments and he must certainly does that. As I sit here and write I would say he WILL be top 10 in the world in the next 2-3 years.

Onto the middle Saturday here in Oz – and it’s not quite as packed as Wimbledon feels, but there is definitely an increase in capacity. The fact Heineken were running a promotion may have contributed to that!

It’s been another great day for the boys, rounded off by getting the opportunity thanks to Leon Smith (GB Davis Cup Captain) to sit in the players box at Hisense arena Murra-Llodra night match. And what a match it was. YouTube clips galore and a flawless performance by Mr Murray. It was a great honour for me to sit where I was and take in the amazing atmosphere and I was sitting directly behind Ivan Lendl and up close and personal with the way Andy’s team work. It all seems a bit of a dream still.

One week in and I can already look back and say I have learnt so much from this trip and the coaches/players I have been fortunate to spend time with.

Off to bed now and will report back after tomorrow, as all the British boys play tomorrow. Liam plays 2nd match after 11am and JWH 3rd match after 11, so another exciting day, hopefully with news of some great performances…

Play to Win!

Dan Kiernan

Director, SotoTennis Academy

Inspiring Excellence | Tennis Academy Spain

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