Sport Science

We believe Sport Science is the key support system to creating resilient and competitive athletes. The integration between tennis and sport science is valuable and crucial in working towards players’ goals.

The Sport Science team offer fully integrated and individualised programmes, consisting of Strength & Conditioning (S&C), Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Sport Psychology.

Sport Science support programmes are all designed with the goals set for each player in mind

“Fitness and Physiotherapy integrate well with the tennis coaching team. On the mental side, STA’s coaching philosophy is focused around Sport Psychology, all of which is helping me towards my goal of becoming a top 100 player.”

- Panna Udvardy, STA Pro Squad

Strength & Conditioning

Team S&C work closely with the Tennis team to provide bespoke, individualised programmes.

Programmes focus on developing robust tennis players who can maximise development on-court and reduce the risk of injury.

The STA philosophy teaches the players world class performance behaviours so they will become autonomous, independent players on the tour.

Sport Science Support



STA’s physiotherapy partner provides support to all the players. They focus on on immediate treatment, short- to medium-term rehabilitation and then long-term transition and return to play. All treatment is delivered in full coordination with the S&C team.



The consultant nutritionist works closely with the S&C team and Academy House to provide a comprehensive guidance for the players at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Players are also educated and supported with one-to-one dietary advice. Strategies are developed specific to individual needs.

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology sits at the heart of the performance programme in the design and delivery of sessions and communication between coaches and players. This is enhanced with a series of workshops throughout the year.