Wimbledon: How to beat the Greatest of All Time! (July 2012)

Posted on: July 3, 2012 |
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Andy Murray going for his first Grand Slam and to be doing it in front of his home crowd, his home slam. Well, he is British after all this week isn’t he?!

So the match, how does Murray beat the 16-time Grand Slam champ, 6 time Wimbledon champ on the court he has owned for the last 10 years? We are seeing a very different RF at Wimbledon to the rest of the year, he seems so assured, the swagger is back, he is ‘feeling it’.

  1. Murray must get off to a strong start. In his previous 2 slam finals, he has been overrun early doors and in turn lost some belief. He needs the crowd on his side and needs to keep a calm, clear mindset to execute his plan.
  2. 1st serve percentage: Murray served above 70 percent in both his quarter and semi final and this is going to be key for Murray. If RF gets a look on Andy’s second serves it could be a long afternoon.
  3. Play to win mentality: RF will be all over any short balls that Murray gives him so it is important Andy gets after his shots and does not fall into a passive mind set.  He has to win this final. RF will not hand it to him.
  4. Tactically, I would like to see Murray getting RF running, opening up the court then trying to get him to open his racket face with Murray being pro-active looking to knock the volley off. If Murray doesn’t do this, RF will!

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