We believe STA players deserve the best academic opportunities as this is crucial to long-term development. There doesn’t need to be a compromise involved between full time tennis training and achieving an excellent education.

We are proud to be one of the few leading Tennis Academies who can confidently offer world-class academics alongside the full time tennis programmes.

“With the amazing support I received from everyone at STA I was able to pursue my tennis career whilst achieving the best grades possible in the classroom. This led to me fulfilling my dream of playing tennis at a top university in the States”

- Ella Taylor, former STA Player and Louisiana State University Graduate

ACES at Sotogrande International School (SIS)

Further Information

The ACES Programme (Academic Centres for Excellence in Sport)

The ACES programme enables players to combine their tennis with academic programme at Sotogrande International School.

Together we have developed a structured schedule for the different age groups:

  • International A Levels for 16-18 year olds
  • IB Middle Years Programme (American High School Diploma) for 14-16 year olds
  • Bespoke tennis and education programmes for student-athletes under 14