Access Players at SotoTennis Academy (March 2018)

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At SotoTennis Academy (STA) we are proud to be one of the top Tennis Academies in Spain, Europe and internationally.



We care about and investing in all of our players and their individual pathways and goals.

Our full time players benefit from a year-round service in this way but we love nothing more than to give the opportunity to other players to access our environment and culture. Because of this we are delighted to welcome 250+ access players from all over the world through our doors each year to supplement their home training programme, adding value both to their programme and the STA player programmes by bringing variation of sparring partners and of course new friendships.


Accessing the STA environment

There may be a number of reasons why players (and coaches) want to access our environment here at STA.

We have players looking to access our expert coaching, our ‘day-in-day-out’ environment, some that are looking for quality hitting partners to enhance their programmes. We spend time working with other coaches as well as players and love to share information with like-minded people.

We can also accommodate families looking to combine their holiday whilst the tennis players in the family train at the Academy.


What sets us apart?

Whatever it is players are looking for, we aim to make your visit very personal and individualised to your needs, while still coming away with a true experience of #TeamSoto environment that we continuously drive forward and so strongly pride ourselves on. We are never standing still!


The process

Before any player arrives at STA, whether for one session, day, week or month, information on the player’s current programme and goals are collected in a registration form.

Schedules are set with the individual in mind and respecting the wants and needs of all players, whether full-time or access.

We are quick to adapt our schedules throughout the week to allow for the best experience for our access players, as it often takes half a day to know exactly where the best fit is for them within the Academy setup.

Each access player will have a (loose) lead coach throughout the week who will be your ‘go to’ for any concerns, feedback and generally to ensure your week goes as we all want…positively!



Players will receive a variety of training opportunities and experiences linked in with the needs of the individual. Varying from clay court education to basic understanding of our mental training programme within the Academy.

Players will work with our professional Strength and Conditioning Team in line with their current training and injury history to ensure we are working towards your longer terms plans.


Every Wednesday afternoon, we run Doubles Wednesdays at the Academy, which proves to be a big success. Players enjoy a fun filled afternoon whilst developing Doubles strategies and techniques from former British number 1 doubles player Dan Kiernan and his expert team.

At the end of the week we hold our ‘Friday Circle’, which represents the team environment we have here at STA and is an opportunity for us all to reflect and gather after a hard week’s training. Player of the Week awards are given for the player who excelled in our ‘Control the Controllables’ culture as well as small prizes for everyone who we have the honour of welcoming to the Academy on a short-term training week.


Afterwards and moving forward

Once back home all access players receive a report from the STA coaches on: how well they fitted with the STA ‘Control the Controllables’ culture; the key areas covered when here; their key areas to work on moving forward. They are then given the opportunity to complete a feedback form to provide their positive and constructive criticism, upon which they are also entered into a draw to win a free access week!


When can I come?

Whenever suits your tournament/training schedule! We are open 47 weeks of the year (check out are term dates) and can provide you with a bespoke training programme. We also run training camp weeks during school holidays where you can train alongside our full-time players. You can find the dates for these weeks for the 2018/2019 year here.


That’s enough from us. Come and see us to try it out for yourself! Get in touch at to make an enquiry!

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